Candida Yeast Infection Pictures of the Mouth, Thrush Pictures

These candida yeast infection pictures of the mouth below show a condition commonly reffered to as thrush. It can be extremely painful and very hard to get rid of but you can get rid of it. You have to treat the whole body since people with thrush usually have the candida overgrowth in the intestine as well.

This candida picture of the mouth shows the candida infection growing slightly under the skin in the corner of this persons mouth. You can see it by the creamy yellow puss looking area just under the skin. This can be a very painful condition.


thrush picture


This is a very good oral yeast infection picture of thrush on the tongue and sides of the mouth. The thrush infection is signified by the creamy yellowish spots. The silver amalgam, mercury, fillings do not help this persons situation at all since candida is an immune response to mercury poisoning.


candida yeast infection pictures of the mouth


This  candida picture of the esophagus shows the growth of candida in this persons throat. The candida is indentified by the little yellowish specs.


candida picture of the esophagus

This candida infection picture of the throat shows an advanced case of candida overgrowth. It is also a very good picture showing how this grows in a cyndrical form within the body.



candida infection picture of the throat

This candida infection picture was done by using a barrium x-ray. It is a picture of someones esophagus and the candida is signified by the long cyndrical string growing up and down their esophagus.


candida infection picture


These candida pictures of the mouth and throat show that this condition is very real. Don't let your doctor tell you it is impossible to get this or everyone has candida and its good for you. Granted, yeast in its single celled form does make B vitamins within our bodies so in a way it is good for us. However, when single celled yeast gets out of control and becomes multi-cellular candida and begins to grow as shown in these pictures. It is not good for you! The candida at this point is trying to eat you alive through the use of toxins and its exo-enzymes.

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