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Candida Biofilms and How to Get Rid of Them

Candida and other yeasts, bacteria and viruses all build biofilms over the top of themselves as a means of protection. The biofilm gives them the ability to hide underneath out of sight of your immune system. It also allows them to survive unincumbered while occasionally releasing spores into your body in hopes that they can spread to other sites.

Your immune system will see these released spores and mount an attack, which results in an inflammatory condition within your body making you feel sick. This process will continue until you get rid of the biofilm and kill the underlying infection.
Candida starts building a biofilm over the top of itself as a means of protection within the first 24 hours. The candida biofilm is composed of cellulose, the same material used in plant cell walls. Polynucleotides that are primarily its dna and rna material, polypeptide proteins and polysaccharide carbohydrates. The biofilm also contains fibrinogen and fibronectin which are the same materials that the body uses to clot the blood at wound sites. These materials are bound together by lignands with stickiness properties much like lectins in wheat.

This candida biofilm is the main reason that Diflucan does not work after a while, it does not dissolve the biofilm. The newer class Enchinocandins do and this is also the drug of choice for candida glabrata. As far as natural substances go, some candida eating enzymes work very well for getting through the biofilm. Coconut oil and tumeric help as well.

Bacterial biofilms are composed of polypeptide proteins and polysaccharide carbohydrates. The biofilms provide added resistance to prescription antibiotics and natural antibiotics. The biofilm allows the bacteria to hide from your immune system and occasionally release new spores in the hopes that it can spread. These occasional releases cause an immune response in the body which results in disease symptoms. There is a very good explanation of bacterial biofilms found here.

The research into viral biofilms is fairly new and it's been found that viral biofilms work just like bacterial and fungal biofilms. They allow the virus to hide and spread when your immune system is weakened, much like herpes flare ups. I suspect that most supposedly incurable viral infections are because of these biofilms. They are mostly composed of carbohydrates and viral cell walls are made from proteins and fats.

Half of the stool tests I see show no candida yeast and quite often blood antibody tests come back negative for candida. In many of these cases the problem shows on stool tests as bad bacterial over growth with low amounts of good bacteria. Small intestinal bacterial over growth, sibo, can also be the problem and in cases where everything checks out normally, I suspect the problem is a virus of some kind.

It doesn't matter if your infection is fungal, bacterial, or viral in nature, the best thing to dissolve these biofilms and get the infection under control are properly designed enzymes.

Any questions about biofilms or candida in general, you can contact me from the contact page of this website.


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