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Treating Penile Yeast Infection

Penile yeast infections on circumcised men are actually quiet rare because the glans are always exposed to air. With uncircumcised men it is very common and once they are infected it can be very difficult to get rid of. Candida yeast on the skin needs moisture and heat to grow and the skin that covers the glans provides this environment. Much the same way that people that wear latex gloves for long hours also have a tendency to develop skin yeast on their hands... heat and moisture.

Many times men with a penile yeast infection will get the same itching symptoms that women get in their urethra as the yeast can travel up the urinary tract. This can be accompanied by a discharge not unlike women with vaginal yeast. It is possible for the candida yeast to get into the prostate gland but this is very rare.

Risk factors for penile yeast infection include unprotected sex with a woman that has an active vaginal yeast infection. Oral sex with a person that has thrush or anal sex with a person that has an intestinal candida yeast infection.

Condoms that are lubricated with Nonoxynol-9 also promote the growth of penile yeast infection and I would avoid them. This spermicide also increases the growth of yeast in the vagina so you're not doing either of you any favors by using these condoms.

Antibiotics and diabetes are also risk factors as well for intestinal candida yeast infections. Intestinal candida is also a risk factor for any skin yeast or fungal infection found anywhere on or in the body.

In a late stage penile yeast infection the skin will harden just like any skin yeast infection. This is caused by the skin cells literally turning into macrophages in defense of the body. This hardened skin cracks and is very painful. At this stage the infection is very hard to get rid of.

Fordyce disease and Hirsuties papillaris genitalis are commonly mistaken for a penile yeast infection. Both are sebaceous glands on the penis that secret oils to protect the skin. HPG, also called pearly penile papules, can be sensitive at times but it is harmless.

Genital warts and herpes are also misdiagnosed as penile yeast infections. If you apply white vinegar to the area in question it will turn the warts white. With yeast it will burn like hell so have some water on hand to rinse if needed.

Treating a Penile Yeast Infection

Amazingly not everyone achieves the results they want when treating a penile yeast infection. You would think a trip to the doctor for a prescription cream or some diflucan would do the trick. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Many times it also comes back because the man will stop treating it to soon even though it looks like its gone. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there, it's microscopic. So it is best to treat it for a couple more weeks after it appears to be gone.

Women have the very same problem with vaginal yeast infections because the candida will sometimes hide under the outer layer of skin. It is also believed that many women have some sort of t-lymphocyte dysfunction that allows this to happen. This has not been proven with men but it would not surprise me one bit if the same is true.

So if the penile yeast infection comes back, here are some natural anti-fungal options that you can use.

Organic coconut oil has been medically proven to explode the inside of the yeast cell effectively killing it. It also makes a good lubricant for sex and will prevent yeast infections on you and your significant other. I would apply it directly to your penis a few times a day. The reports I get back from guys is coconut oil works as good as any cream their doctors have prescribed.

Organic Mediterranean Oregano Oil diluted with some coconut oil so it does not burn your skin has been found in medical tests to be very effective for fungal infections. Used straight this product has cleared late stage penile yeast.

Cinnamon oil has been found to be deadly to thrush found in Aids patients but like oregano oil it is hot so you might have to dilute it. I would use coconut oil and test it first on your arm or somewhere like that before applying it to your penis.

Liquid grapefruit seed extract also works very well for skin yeast but it is also hot so you will have to dilute it with some coconut oil.

Gentian Violet has been around a long time and was the treatment of choice for penile yeast infections and skin yeast before the advent of the azole drugs. It has a habit of turning clothes and your skin purple but Zout removes it from your clothes and it wears off the skin in about 3 days.

Candidate can also be diluted or mixed with coconut oil and put directly on the infection. The active ingedients have been medically proven to kill candida yeast.

Kolorex Intimate Care Cream might also be a good option. The ingredients have been extensively studied and have been proven to work for candida of all types.

Many men will use white vinegar but like I said before, it burns like hell. You can add it to a bath so its diluted and soak for a while every day.

Because candida yeast builds resistance to the things listed above, just like it does with modern medicine. The best thing to do is to pick 3 or 4 and use them on a rotating basis. So every 4 or 5 days switch what you are using to one of the others. Once you have an order to follow stick with that order. You can also combine a couple products at a time like I suggested with the cinnamon and oregano oils with the coconut oil.

I strongly recommend that you continue treatment for at least 30 days after all symptoms disappear. Candida yeast has a nasty habit of coming back with a vengeance if you stop to soon and you don't want that to happen. Just because you can't see it with your eye, doesn't mean it isn't there.

Following the candida diet will help as well and you can take all of the above by mouth, except for Gentian Violet and Kolorex, to treat the inside as well. If you think you have more than just a penile yeast infection and maybe you have this intestinally as well, please see the Candida Yeast Cure page for further suggestions.

If your penile yeast infection does not respond to any treatment then you probably have herpes and not yeast. If you think this is a possibility and would like to save yourself some embarrsement, you can get tested yourself here.

If you have any questions about penile yeast infections feel free to contact me from the contact page of this website.

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