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Treating Intestinal Candida

This system was developed for treating intestinal candida and for people that feel like they don't have to go through the systemic protocol. It can however be used to treat dual infections as described on the Treatment page if needed. In spite of it being less aggressive than the systemic system, it is still extremely effective for all species of candida yeast.

The Treatment Protocol

Suggested product list:

You could also add the anti-fungals from the list below if you want to be more aggressive.

All of the above anti-fungal herbal remedies for candida yeast treatment have been medically proven to work for candida yeast. If you would like to read the studies you can access them from this page.

The two flours below are used to feed your good bacteria, which will ultimately solve this problem forever if you continue to take care of yourself.

Plantain Flour - Do not buy the fufu flour, get pure plantain

If you are uncomfortable taking these starches for fear of feeding the candida, you can take Probiotia Immune, which has been shown to increase bacterial colonies almost twice as fast as rs.

Directions for Treating Intestinal Candida

The first thing to do is start following the candida diet on this webpage while you are waiting for the products to arrive. Doing so will kill some candida and minimize any die-off reactions caused by the killing effects of the anti-fungals for treating intestinal yeast.

When the Ultimate Cleanse arrives start taking it as directed.

After you've been on the cleanse for 14 days, start taking 2 capsules of BioFase one hour before you take the cleanse parasite capsules in the morning and at bedtime. 10 minutes after taking BioFase at night, take either two Profase or the 11-Straim probiotic at a dose of 200 billion bacteria.

Continue until you have finished the Ultimate Cleanse and then add either two Profase or one adult scoop of the 11-Strain probiotic to the morning dose of Biofase. That brings you up to 400 billion bacteria per day if you are using the 11-strain. Because ProFase is specifically designed for candida, 2 caps with BioFase works well but you can take more if you choose.

Now is the time to add the Potato starch and the Plantain flour 4 or 5 hours before bedtime. Mix 2 tbls of each into a glass of water and drink it. After two more weeks, raise the doses to 3 tbls each. Or, take the Probiotia Immune as directed on the label.

Depending upon how long you continue with your treatment, this system will completely transform your intestinal physiology in a positive way. I do recommend you do this for 6 months to prevent a relapse, but in the end, you are the doctor so it is entirely up to you.

Adding The Anti-fungals to The Intestinal Treatment

Coconut oil or the capsules should be taken with  meals at a dose of one tbls for the liquid, or 4 capsules.

Sf722 should be taken at a dose of 5 capsules in between breakfast and lunch.

The Paramicrocidin should be taken in between lunch and dinner at a dose of 2 capsules.

Treating Intestinal Candida and Dual Infections

If you have candida elsewhere, such as the skin, vagina, or mouth; all you need to do is follow the directions associated with the links below.

Any questions about treating intestinal candida or anything else, please contact me from the contact page of this website.


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