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I have tried to be as complete as possible with these candida yeast infection pictures and I will add more as they become available to me. These yeast pictures below show the basic structure of candida and yeast, both its single celled form and it multi-cellular form.

This is a picture of the candida yeast cell before it becomes multi-cellular. It is the single celled yeast that most of us have in our bodies that is kept under control by good bacteria.

candida yeast cell picture


This is a candida yeast infection pictures of the yeast after it has made the shift to multi-cellular candida. In the center of the picture you will see a tree like structure with round little balls that has what looks like a single tree like tap root. It is thru this root that the exo-enzymes and toxins are injected into your body. The resulting liquified area is then sucked up like a tree or plant sucking up water.

candida yeast infection pictures

This picture of picture of candida cell wall shows its shell structure. You have to penetrate the cell wall in order to kill candida. That is best done with herbs and certain types of fats while taking enzymes designed to eat candida at the same time. Die-off reactions can be minimized this way in many cases.

picture of candida cell wall


I hope you found these candida yeast infection pictures helpful.

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