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Enzymes For Candida Yeast

Why You Need Them

Enzymes for candida yeast are really needed because of the biofilm candida builds around itself as a means of protection. Candida begins to build this biofilm over itself within 24 hours of initial colonization. It doesn't matter where the colony forms either, whether it's the skin, vagina or intestine, it builds a biofilm. Once the biofilm is fully developed, prescription drugs such as Diflucan no longer work because they don't dissolve this film.

This film is composed of protein polypepetides, polysaccharide carbohydrates, fibrinogen or fibrin and polynucleotides that contain RNA and DNA material. This structure is bound together with lignands that have stickiness properties. If you look at the picture on the film page and compare it to this one, the film grows in the section marked F.
The cell wall of candida is composed of fibrin and the plant fiber chitin or cellulose, mannoprotein-1, glucan and mannoprotein-2, which are plant polysaccharrides. Then comes a plasma membrane and a protein nucleus. These components are basically what candida uses to build the biofilm as well.

A properly designed enzyme for candida yeast will eat all these materials which effectively kills it. Medically proven anti-fungal herbs can also be used to enhance this effect and speed up the healing process.

Candida yeast has no resistance to these enzymes just like they have no resistance to fungal killing bacteria. They also cannot build a resistance to them like they can do with herbs and prescription medications. They have no risk to your health and do not cause the candida to mutate, which medicines have been proven to do. Diflucan for instance can cause candida albicans to shape shift and turn into candida glabrata, a highly resistant strain that is very hard to get rid of.

Many times a change in diet is not needed if the candida infection is mild. However, it makes sense to not feed the candida yeast when you are trying to get rid of it. Why give it something to fight back with? It just doesn't make sense does it?

A Look at The Most Popular Enzymes

Candex is an enzyme for candida that has been around for quite a few years and has been proven in clinical trials to kill yeast and candida. The makers of Candex have found that about 200,000 daily units of cellulase and hemicellulase to be ideal. Candex provides 208,000 total units of daily cellulase and hemicellulase activity.

Laboratory studies show that Candex inhibits the growth of candida albicans in vitro. A clinical study of 52 patients showed that Candex is safe, effective, well tolerated, and causes no significant side effects. The physicians that conducted this study concluded “Candex should be the first choice for treatment of enteric candida in our patient population.” Candex paved the way when it comes to candida eating enzymes but since then there are much better options available today.

YST Manangement is very much like Candex but is much cheaper while being a little stronger.

Both Candex and YST Management contain enzymes that eat the chitin/cellulose layer of the cell wall and biofilm. They also contain enzymes that eat the polysaccharide layers found in the biofilm and cell wall. However, they do not contain any protein enzymes to eat the nucleus of the cell and no enzymes to eat the fibrin in the biofilm.

Candidase is a very strong enzyme for candida yeast that eats the cellulose layers of the biofilm and cell wall and the protein of the nucleus. But there are no enzymes to eat the fibrin or plant polysaccharides.

Candizyme is more complete than the above three candida eating enzyme formulas. It contains enzymes to eat the chitin/cellulose and the plant polysaccharrides in both the biofilm and cell wall. It also has protease enzymes to eat the protein of the nucleus. However, like the rest it does not have an enzyme that eats the fibrin in the biofilm.

Of the above enzyme formulas, Candizyme would be my first choice if you added SerraEnzyme to eat the fibrin. SerraEnzyme contains 80,000iu of serrapeptase which eats fibrin, old scar tissue and cleans the blood. Nattokinase also eats fibrin if you wanted to add that enzyme as well. You would only need to take one cap of either SerraEnzyme and Nattokinase with two capsules of Candizyme twice a day away from food for the most potent effect. An alternative to SerraEnzyme and Nattokinase would be Allclear, it contains both serrapeptase and nattokinase.

Or, just take Biofase, more information about Biofase here. Biofase contains the enzymes cellulase and hemicellulase that eat the chitin/cellulose layer of the cell wall and biofilm. Glucoamylase, amylase, and invertase to eat the plant polysaccharide layers, protease to eat the nucleus and serrapeptase to eat the fibrin. It's a complete formula that eats all the components of the biofilm and cell wall right down to the nucleus.

While die-off reactions usually do not occur with these enzymes for candida,  people sometimes experience nausea, a “burning sensation” in the stomach, or abdominal cramping. This is because the enzymes may aggravate pre-existing problems in the GI tract. If this occurs, I suggest using one third of a capsule, twice daily, emptied into eight ounces of warm water, and build up from there. Or stop the enzymes for a couple of days then resume at the lowest dose. To minimize any sensitivity to any candida eating enzyme, I suggest one capsule your first few days, then two capsules for a few days, and so on, until you reach the full regimen, then stay at that dose.

These enzymes for candida are safe for children and the recommended dose is one-half capsule, twice daily, for each 40 pounds of body weight. For ages 14 and up, adult recommendations may be followed.

They need to be taken an hour before breakfast and at bedtime or at least two hours after eating (always use with eight ounces of water). You can also take more than the recommended dose if you can tolerate it. Improvement is usually seen in 7 to 30 days. However, the time needed for maximum benefit varies, because we each have:

   Different amounts of yeast and candida to overcome

   Different levels of immune support

   Different levels of healthy probiotics

   Different dietary habits

   Varying levels of stress

The longer you have had a candida problem, the longer you will likely need to use enzymes for candida yeast infection.

When you combine these enzymes for candida with the medically proven herbal anti-fungals and the probiotics I recommend, it will not take long to be well again. It’s a systematic approach that gets to the cause of the problem. Plus, you will be restoring the good bacteria or the lack of, which caused this whole problem to begin with.

Any questions about enzymes for candida? Feel free to contact me from the contact page of this website.


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