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Candida in Children

What you should know to treat candida in children.

When you come into the world your digestive system is totally sterile, nothing lives there. No candida in children, bacteria, yeast or viruses are present. As you pass through the vaginal canal you swallow vaginal fluids that contain good bacteria.

Then usually the first thing you do, after the doctor and nurse get done messing with you, is suckle at your mothers breast. The first thing you receive from that breast for the first 24 to 48 hours is colostrum, which is loaded full of antibodies and growth factors to jump start your immune system. This colostrum also coats the lining of the intestine and allows that bacteria you swallowed to attach to the intestinal walls and set up huge colonies. These colonies become your first line of defense against bad bacteria, viruses, parasites, yeasts and microbes that can make you sick.

After that first 24 to 48 hours the milk begins to flow. It contains all the antibodies that the mother has in her body along with more good bacteria and fat that helps build those colonies. Hopefully your mother is not deficient in good bacteria and is healthy so you can get these immune stimulating benefits for at least one year. This will help prevent illness and fend off candida in children as well.

At 6 months or so you should have been introduced to foods and hopefully much of that food is vegetables and some fruits. Vegetable fiber and the complex carbohydrates in them help nurture along that colony of good bacteria to defend your body from disease and candida in children. At 18 months you should be on a whole food composed of 50 to 60% fresh vegetables with some fruits, 30% meats and 20% good fats from either those meats or those vegetables. Hopefully dairy and grains have never touched your lips.....but in todays society that is probably not what happened.

The Cause of Candida in Children

Maybe when you passed through the vaginal canal your mother had a yeast infection? Guess what, you swallowed it and developed thrush and intestinal yeast shortly after that. Or you were born by caesarean and completely missed out on the good bacteria found in your mothers vagina. Other bacteria moved in and these strains are not beneficial or don't have nearly the strength of the bacteria you were supposed to get.

But Mom did feed you from her breast and that helped things but your immune system never quiet became as powerful as it could have. Eventually you came down with a cold, fever, or flu and Mom took you to the doctor. The doctor in all their infinite wisdom prescribed some antibiotics and the infection cleared. But what did this do to your intestinal immune system? How bad did it alter your good to bad bacteria and yeast ratio?

Antibiotics are the main cause of candida in children. They kill good bacteria that is 75% of your immune system and this can allow yeast to over grow. Antibiotics are generally made from molds with each species generally targeting a different type of bacteria. In theory, because of this targeting ability, they should not kill good bacteria. But in common everyday practice they do, this is proven everyday by women that take antibiotics for some type of infection. They get vaginal yeast infections as a result. If the targeting ability really worked it would not kill the good bacteria within the woman's vagina would it?

Lets say you were born naturally and Mom has breast fed you all along. Your immune system is developing rapidly and you have not been sick yet. Around about 6 months some solid food is added to your diet and your parents decide to give you some milk or they have you eat an occasional grain cereal. Shortly there after you develop an ear infection and the good doctor of course prescribes an antibiotic to combat the infection. Same result and you now could be on your way to a candida infection in children.

Maybe you're older and you have escaped disease or were only on antibiotics a few times so far. You eat anything and everything, wheat, dairy, sugar and fructose by the boatloads, anything that comes in a box and you drink anything in a can. Your gaining weight, your becoming irritable and you argue and fight with your parents. Your stomach feels awful, and your constipated more often than not. It took some time to get to this place you are now but you have slowly destroyed your intestinal immune system and now you might have a candida in children infection.

Candida In Children Symptoms

Other than some of the scenarios I have painted for you above. Common candida in children symptoms are:

always tired
athletes foot
frequent diaper rash
colic lasting over 3 months
digestive gas and bloating
diarrhea and constipation
chronic sinus and ear infections
craving for sweets
recurrent headaches
a persistent cough
unhappy or depressed
learning problems
having a short attention span.

Dr. William Crook, The Yeast Connection and Dr. C. Orion Truss, The Missing Diagnosis, have also linked candida in children to chronic ear infections.


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