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Probiotics for candida are perhaps the best candida remedy available if you use the right one and have killed enough candida to start with. After you get done reading this article and those that accompany it, you will know what are the best probiotics for candida.

Probiotics for candida are absolutely necessary for the absorption of minerals, vitamins, proteins, and fats within the body. They also displace and kill bad bacteria, yeasts, and fungi. The specific species that inhabit the small and large intestine also create the right acidic or alkaline state for that area in the intestine. They truly are our first line of defense against foreign organisms within the body and make up 75% of our immune system.

Several years ago, Bernard Jensen, D.C., world-renowned author, lecturer and teacher of natural health, said, "It is an indisputable fact that illness, old age, and even death itself are due to the accumulation of waste products (within the body) ... to the inability of the body to replenish its cellular structures and organs with fresh, vital nutrients."

A study in Ireland came to this conclussion:

"The intestinal microflora is a positive health asset that crucially influences the normal structural and functional development of the mucosal immune system. The flora has a collective metabolic activity equal to a virtual organ within an organ … It follows that manipulation of the flora to enhance the beneficial components represents a promising therapeutic strategy." (O'Hara AM, Shanahan F 2006)

Researchers in the Mucosal Immunology Laboratory of Massachusetts General Hospital for Children had this to say:

"Changed lifestyles and the increased use of antibiotics are significant factors that affect the preservation of a healthy intestinal microflora. The concept of probiotics is to restore and maintain a microflora advantageous to the human body." (Broekaert IJ, Walker WA 2006).

It is because these bacteria have been reduced to low levels by prescription drugs or poor diets that make the intestines more alkaline so candida can grow out of control. Once this happens it can be almost impossible to get your bacterial levels back to normal and often takes years to accomplish. Especially if the primary cause of the destruction was from antibiotics.  

Most people with candida realize that they need a probitoic for candida to restore their health to normal so they begin to take them at some point. But usually they do not take near enough to do any good. They are missing trillions and need to take large doses, not small doses numbering in the millions or low billions. They need doses of 50 billion to 500 billion or more on a daily basis to do any good. Very few probiotics for candida are that strong and some of those that are are ineffective.

Most probiotics require that they be refrigerated and are not heat stable. This suggests and in studies has been proven, that many of these probiotics for candida grow molds in the body. Many antibiotics are made from molds and antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria so this is counter productive. Always look for a probiotic that is heat stable and suggests that refrigeration is to be used to maintain potency and not to keep it from spoiling.

Most people think that probiotics can restore good bacterial levels to normal. Well.....I hate to be the bearer of bad news but all conventionally manufactured probiotics have the ability to repopulate stripped from them at the time of manufacture.

Below is a chart of what happens to these bacteria when you take them.

probiotics for candida

As you can see they die within two weeks or less. However, while they are in your intestine they do improve your health and immune function while killing candida. They also act as a decoy of sorts so your bacteria that are able to reproduce and colonize do so, and that is what your trying to do, build these colonies. In the right environment one bacteria can become billions in a short time, the trick is, promoting that environment.

The only other way to repopulate the intestine with good bacteria is by a fecal matter transplant from a healthy donor with a complete bacterial profile. The other way is from swallowing vaginal fluids like you are passing through the birth canal and take colostrum with it. And possibly fresh human breast milk after that.

I mentioned colostrum because when a baby first suckles at its mothers breast it receives colostrum. This colostrum stimulates the immune system and lines the intestinal walls allowing the good bacteria present in the milk to attach. Colostrum also kills foreign pathogens including candida.

Does the vaginal fluids, colostrum, and breast milk always work? No it doesn't. I have worked with parents whose babies and children are missing entire species of bacteria. Even though they were born naturally and were/are breast fed. These children are almost always more gassy than others and have skin rashes as a result.

What Do You Do If You Can't Get a Fecal Matter Transplant or Do One of the Other Options?

You have to take strong probiotics for candida with colostrum and keep at it until your own surviving bacteria can re-populate. Why colostrum? Because when you are born as you pass through the birth canal you swallow vaginal fluids. These fluids contain all the bacteria that is present in your mother. Then in an ideal world you suckle at your mothers breast and get colostrum into your body for the first 24 to 48 hours of life. This colostrum not only jumps starts your immune system with immunoglobulin antibodies. But it also lines the intestinal wall and this greatly helps these good bacteria attach to the intestinal wall. Once attached these bacteria start to multiply in numbers and turn into trillions of good bacteria.

If you don't have any good bacteria left and this has been proven with stool testing. Then you will probably need to take a probiotic for the rest of your life, there is no other way. But keep in mind, stool testing is not 100% accurate, so you may have some good bacteria there somewhere even if the test says you don't. And one bacteria in the right environment, can become trillions in time.

I have included probiotic review pages below which are of the best probiotics that I and your fellows have used for you to review. I hope you find it useful.

Custom Probiotics-1 was developed by Harry Bronozian, a chemist and a chemical engineer, who personally suffered from Helicobacter Pylori, the bacteria that causes ulcers, for eight months and Candida for ten years. His Candida and H. Pylori were under control within five months of regular use of his ultra-high potency probiotics and he took about 500 billion cfu’s per day. In fact, an endoscopy and biopsy indicated that H. Pylori was completely eliminated from his intestine. One capsule contains a guaranteed 60 billion bacteria at the time of expiration which is one year. Fresh batches commonly contain 78 billion or more bacteria per capsule.

11-Strain Probiotic is a powdered product with an adult dose of 200 billion bacteria, containing 11 different strains of bacteria compared to CP-1's five strains. If you find that CP-1 just doesn't quite work well for you, or you want the best of the best, this is it.

Syntol for candida yeast infections is a very good candida and bad bacterial killer. It is far superior to Candex, YST Management, and Threelac. It contains the candida eating enzymes found in Candex and YST Management with an additional enzyme that enters the blood stream. However, the bacterial doses are to low at 13.6 billion per 4 capsules. You really need to be taking 200 to 300 billion daily when battling candida or use a probiotic that is designed to kill candida such as Profase.

Threelac for candida yeast, is it really safe? 

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picture of probiotic bacteria


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