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Natural Candida Treatment

These natural candida treatment plans are based on what has been medically proven to work for treating candida yeast infections. All references are provided for you on the Remedies page if you care to verify that what I'm suggesting is true. Because everything here is medically proven, all these suggestions will work for everyone, even though everyone is different with unique physiology and various underlying problems. If you have yeast problems or candida, your body is way out of balance and this natural candida treatment plans will give you the protocols that work so you can correct that imbalance.

Hi Dan,

I just LOVE your website. It has sooo much needed info. It has been a blessing to me. I was so bad off before I started your program that I did not want to live anymore. You have saved my life. I only wish that my family will listen as well. They need help just like I do. Well that's all for now.


Marjorie Henderson

Thank You!!! that's all.... just THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Hi Dan,

Just wanted to take a minute and thank you so much for enlightening me to what doctors couldn't help me with, even through thousand dollar tests! I really appreciate what you are doing to help so many people who would be needlessly suffering.

May God Bless You Immensely


The Truth About Candida Treatment

Half of the stool tests I get back and those that are sent to me for my opinion, show no candida yeast but they do show bad bacterial over growth. Further testing using the Candida Blood Antibody test confirms these results. These people have been treating themselves for candida, usually for years, with no success. Why would they have any success when they don't have candida? So if this is you then I suggest you get tested. I believe Metametrix's test is the best stool test with Blood Antibody testing also being rock solid as far as a correct diagnosis. See the Candida Test page for more candida testing information.

If you do do a stool test and it comes back showing no yeast but does show bad bacterial over growth, then I would follow the Treatment for Bad Bacteria found here.

If you are doubtful or not sure about having candida yeast and you have not gotten tested, then you could do the Ultimate Colon Cleanse 1 or 2 Pack for the alloted time for that natural candida treatment. The Ultimate Cleanse cleanses the body of compacted wastes, candida yeasts and parasites while helping to strengthen the intestinal wall and improve digestion. You also get a free supply of an 8 strain probiotic to boost bacterial colonies that balance ph in the intestine. Balancing the intestinal ph levels creates an environment that is unfriendly to foreign pathogens and promotes good bacterial growth, which keeps these pathogens under control.

At the same time you should eliminate dairy, gluten, corn, soy, yeast foods, eggs if they cause you problems, sugar, trans fats, fructose, and splenda and aspartame from your diet while you do the Ultimate Cleanse.

After the end of this natural candida treatment begin to add in some foods from the list above little by little. Make a note of how your body reacts to that food. If you discover something that doesn't agree with you, then it is highly likely that you have a food allergy to that food and your body is creating IgE or IgG antibodies to it. From that point on, if you wish to maintain your health and keep feeling good, don't eat that food.

This is a very simple natural candida treatment plan, yet extremely effective. I don't know how many times this is all people had to do to feel good again. It really does work in many cases.

Natural Candida Treatment Guide

If the test comes back showing candida or another yeast, then depending upon your symptoms and how this is effecting you, I would follow the guides below.

If the stool test determined you have intestinal candida, or this is what all your symptoms fall under, I would follow the Intestinal Treatment Protocol.

If you are suffering from a Vaginal candida infection, it is best to follow the the treatment protocol on this page. However, almost all women that suffer from chronic vaginal yeast infections also have intestinal yeast and many times are simply re-infecting themselves month after month. Therefore, it is a very good idea to also follow the Intestinal Treatment Protocol at the same time.

If you have Oral Thrush it is best to follow the Oral Thrush suggestions and the Intestinal Protocol. Most of these products overlap so all you have to do is alter the way you take them.

If you have skin yeast it is best to follow the treatment guide for Skin Infections.

Penile candida infections with no intestinal involvement, should follow the treatment suggestions on the Penile Yeast Infection Page.

If you have systemic candida, which is considered to be an infection in two or more places, follow the Candida Cure for Systemic Candida.

If your child has candida or yeast issues, I would follow the guide for Treating Candida in Childen.

Natural Candida Treatment and The Presence of Mercury and Other Heavy Metals

Because it has been proven that 85% or more of the people that have candida yeast infections have high levels of mercury in their bodies, and yeast is an immune response to mercury. You must treat yourself for this problem right along with treating yourself for the yeast infection or you will never get well. There are few safe ways to do that.

Powdered cellular zeolites and Cardio-Chelate are by far the safest with the fewest side effects. However, Cardio-Chelate works better for lead than it does mercury.

DMSA should really be taken under a doctors supervision although you can do it yourself if you choose too.

My preferred method is cellular zeolites and DMSA combined. What you do is take DMSA for 3 to 10 days then stop for 7 to 10 days. During the off time take zeolite. If you have mercury fillings stick with zeolite only.

For more information about mercury poisoning and candida yeast infections I have set up another webpage here. There is just to much information to put onto this page alone about mercury.

Take a Multi Vitamin/Mineral Formula for Natural Candida Treatment

It would also be a very good idea to take some sort of multi-vitamin/mineral formula everyday to support the overall health of the body. Even the FDA and AMA have recently acknowledged and now recommend that every one takes one everyday. Took them long enough, they knew back in the 30's that we are all starving to death because of nutrient depletion of the soils. The worldwide soil depletion levels of nutrients are currently down 56 to 87%.

Consider these generally recognized facts about common nutrient destroyers:

Aspirin: Depletes vitamin A, calcium, potassium, B complex and vitamin C.
Caffeine: Depletes vitamin B1, inositol, biotin, potassium and zinc.
It also interferes with calcium and iron absorption.
Chlorine: Depletes vitamin E.
Chocolate: Depletes calcium and vitamin D.
Fluoride: Depletes vitamin C, destroys enzymes used for DNA production and causes cancer.
Sedatives: Deplete folic acid and vitamin D.
Nitrates and Nitrates: Deplete vitamins A, C and E.
Sugar and white flour products: Deplete the B-complex vitamins.
Birth Control Pills: Deplete folic acid, vitamins C, B6, B2, B12, B1, and E.
Cortisone: Depletes vitamins A, B6, D, C, and zinc and potassium. It also reduces immune function.
Stress: Depletes all vitamin stores and can reduce immune function by 50%.

I am not going to get into all the prescription drugs, there are to many of them, and they all have there side effects.

A very good multivitamin/mineral formula is Total Balance for Men and Women. Even better is Intramax, be sure to check out the pictures of the blood and body before and after taking Intramax. It really works!

Total Balance comes in mens and womens formulas specifically designed for the respective sexes needs. The product is made to GMP standards with USP ingredients and you will feel a difference when you take them, I do.

Hi Dan! I am doing great!

I feel great and have dropped 25 pounds. I have been feeling so well that I am getting more and more things done all the time, because now I really feel like doing them. I am getting lots of compliments and questions. I am anxious to see what the next few months will be like once I finish this program and see how my body handles all this. So, I will need some direction from you as to what happens next for me after the liver cleanse. I'm sure I will have more questions along the way.This is great. I have never felt so well in my life....and that's what I tell folks. I can't thank you enough.

Spreading the good word....Patti


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